What do I need to know about parties?

  • First of all, don’t be late. Action starts when we open the door. Don’t be hangin’ about and missing the program. The plan is to come early and have the most of each night, as each night will be special and we do want it to last as long as possible. So ( “yeah, I will come around 22:00-ish”, will not cut it this time) #justsaying
  • BAND (Michael Gamble & The Rhythm serenaders) will play EACH NIGHT 3 sets (yes also on Sunday).
  • TICKETS WILL BE ALSO available at the door. As it is first eddition, we decided to give a little bonus and we will not raise price of ticket at the door, so it remains 30€ (for each night).
  • VENUE: all 3 nights The Big hall of Grand Hotel Union (Miklošičeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana). Entrance from NAZORJEVA ULICA (Nazorjeva Street)


WELCOME PARTY, Friday 28.FEB 2020

20:00 Taster class (all levels) Daniil & Maria (to join  you need full pass)

21:00 we open the door for party pass-es and regular door passes.


THE GRAND BALL, Saturday 29.FEB 2020

21:00 Doors open

21:30 Competition start! (prelims)



THE BEST fOR LAST, Sunday 1.MAR 2020

21:00 Doors open